This is GUNNAR

GUNNAR, as the product brand of Weissenberger AG, is the world’s most award-winning manufacturer of Computerized Mat Cutters (CMC’s).  Having won the prestigious PPFA Recognition for Innovation Award as well as the Fine Art Trade Guild Innovation award,  GUNNAR is globally recognized as pioneered the industry’s fastest and most advanced CMC’s. The Swiss based company has since 1991 constantly developed the best in CMC technology globally.

Renowned for their uncompromised focus on reliability and support, with an unsurpassed reputation for quality and precision, GUNNAR is proud to have played an integral part in this ongoing evolution of computerized mat cutting technology in the picture framing industry.

Our Mission

GUNNAR International is a global acting Swiss based high technology company with a long tradition. We develop, manufacture and globally sell computer controlled precision machinery in highest quality and precision for the picture framing industry. Our highest goal is not to sell largest numbers of machines but to remain global leader in customer satisfaction, this to all our highly valued customers, from individual custom framing shops and photo retailers to large industrial production framing companies. As a result, we are able to offer our customers real service quality at its best as well as most innovative, reliable, durable precision cutting machinery equipment.

GUNNAR, the advanced cutting technology partner you can trust.