The GUNNAR T2 <<scribe>> precision pen tool empowers you as a CMC user to reach a new level of creative excellence. This is GUNNAR's latest addition to it's award winning, highly sophisticated and most reliable mat cutting concept with unlimited design options.

In combination with GUNNAR’s CMC machines – the F1 and F1 Hybrid, 601, 3001 and 4001 – and the innovative and easy to use operating software GMC GUNNAR MAT CREATOR, GUNNAR is able to offer new and highly creative features to its customers. Why compromise, when you can now afford to own the best?

The GUNNAR T2 <<scribe>> is highly compatible with a wide variety of standard pens and markers. Innovative designs are easily created within the GMC software; or just use a choice of templates to enhance the look of your mat board designs.

Features of the GUNNAR T2 <<scribe>> Precision Pen Tool

  • Versatile - almost unlimited sorts of pens and markers with an outside diameter of 8 to 15mm can be fitted in no time into the pen tool.
  • Unique Designs - Unlimited creative freedom to create designs easily with Gunnar's clever software.
  • Designed by framers for framing - Intuitive design and operation, which is easy to understand for anyone with a picture framing background.
  • Available for GUNNAR F1 M and XL, GUNNAR F1 Hybrid M and XL, GUNNAR 601 and 601RS, GUNNAR 3001 and GUNNAR 4001 as upgrade kit to existng machines or as option to new ones.


GUNNAR T2 <<scribe>> Precision Pen Tool, Brochure, A4, English