The optional GUNNAR T1 <<engrave>> tool is another industry first from GUNNAR, allowing GUNNAR CMC owners to expand their creative and practical potential with their machine. Actually, with the T1, GUNNAR won the prestigious 2007 Fine Art Trade Guild Innovation Award

With the GUNNAR T1 "engrave" tool, it is now possible to embellish a mat with elegant debossed decorations or to score and crease matboard and cardboard for creating protective corners, tailor made archival boxes and presentation boxes.

Features of the GUNNAR T1 Tool

  • Versatile - 5 different debossing and scoring heads can be fitted in no time at all to all current models Gunnar CMC's.
  • Unique Designs - Elegant designs can be easily created with Gunnar's clever software.
  • Easy to use Templates - The Gunnar Tool Kit includes a software patch which add many different pre-defined, "fold-up" templates for easy creation, including custom storage boxes, protective corners, gift boxes, shadow boxes, standbacks, etc.
  • Designed by framers for framing - Intuitive design and operation, which is easy to understand for anyone with a picture framing background.
  • Available for GUNNAR F1, GUNNAR 601, GUNNAR 3001 and GUNNAR 4001.

Here you see the GUNNAR T1 Tool Head, debossing and scoring on a GUNNAR 3001-XL.