The GUNNAR MAT CREATOR GMC software is the state-of-the-art and most advanced, user-friendly CMC software on the market, developed by framers for framers.

GMC is the result of many years experience, a combination of the wishes and requirements of our partners and customer, with the very latest knowledge from research and engineering practice. GMC permits total creative freedom, tapping into unused potential.


  • ArtView
    Fully GMC integrated, real rendered 3D preview of final artwork with matboard and frame. It never has been easier to present a preview of a art masterpiece digitally to a potential customer. Save time and money.
  • POS Interface
    Direct interface (fully integrated) to SpecialtySoftTM point of sale software. More POS interfaces to come.
  • Graphic Tablet Assistance
    Easy vectorised hand writing and/or hand drawing with any USB connected graphic tablet or graphic mouse, directly in GMC. Tune up your matboard/artwork with unique hand made designs. Works great in combination with the GUNNAR T2 tool.
  • Simplified View
    Enabeling streamlined and simplified GMC software operation, perfect for shop/production floor usage.
  • Remote Control Unit CMC Manipulation
    Fast and easy manual CMC machine manipulation (arm positioning etc.) with remote control unit.


GUNNAR MAT CREATOR GMC product brochure, PDF download, 907kb


GUNNAR ARTVIEW feature brochure, PDF download, 462kb

Basic Features of the GUNNAR MAT CREATOR GMC Software

  • Designed by Framers for Framers- Intuitive design and operation, which is easy to understand for anyone with a picture framing background. GUNNAR write their own software in-house, and nothing is outsourced to private software companies.
  • Easy to Learn - GMC software has been intuitively designed to "think like a framer", so you can teach someone to use over 80% of the software abilities in less than two hours.
  • See More detail! - GMC features the industry's largest percentage of mat layout view screen, and infinite dynamic zoom with the mouse wheel.
  • Comprehensive Range of Alignment Tools - Choose your weapon! These simple tools allow you to easily create aesthetically pleasing multiple openings without the need to use a calculator, saving time and reducing mistakes.
  • Intelligent Layout Systems - Production jobs become simple and profitable, as GMC software can automatically generate  and arrange multiple production layout mats, at the click of a button. The "nesting" feature of GMC will also allow you to cut small mats inside the fallouts of larger mats in the same process. This dramatically reduces wastage and saves time.
  • Proven History of Meaningful Upgrades - Every 6-12 months, new upgrades of the software are released, free of charge.
  • Automatic Outside Cut - GMC not only cuts the openings in matboards, but also cuts the outside dimensions of your matboard to size as well.
  • Save your Designs - Do the work once. Any mat created can be saved for retrieval at a later date, saving you time.
  • Cut from "the back" or "the front" of the matboard - You choose this as required depending on your needs for production and quality.
  • Reverse Bevels - Fillets no longer become a chore. Absolutely perfect reverse bevels can be cut at the click of a button, with guaranteed no overcut.
  • V-Grooves - Accurate v-grooves can be automatically cut in any shape or design at the click of a button, in one un-interrupted step, onto any layer of the matboard. You can also vary the width of the v-groove desired.
  • Debossing - GUNNAR are famous for introducing the industry's first debossing feature for CMC's, allowing you to deboss any shape or design, with no physical limit to size, onto any layer of matboard.
  • Notes - All GMC files can be saved with written notes for future access.
  • Print - All designs can be printed out at the click of a button, with dimensions indicated.
  • Cut Words & Letters - GMC software gives you the ability to cut text in any true type font, with the extra ability to modify and touch-up any font on the fly, with the new GMC "Draw Mode" feature.
  • Copy & Paste from Corel DRAW® - Copy & Paste any design from Corel DRAW® into GMC – with no need for specialized file conversion (such as DXF) or importing of files.
  • Seamless Integration into any Pricing Software - GMC software can integrate with any pricing software package, through it's "Autoload Mode" to automatically create cutting files, saving time and streamlining your production.  
  • Multi-lingual Interface- GMC software can be installed in multiple languages, including English, German & French.
  • Comprehensive Library of Tutorial Videos - Train yourself; remind yourself; or even train new staff with these quick reference tutorial videos you can watch over and again.

Advanced Features of GUNNAR MAT CREATOR GMC Software

  • Merge and Overlap any Shapes -  GMC software is capable of merging any shapes to create new shapes, and will also give the operator the industry unique feature of being able to use overlapping shapes to create "intersected" shapes, "trimmed" shapes, and even dynamic contour pathing between shapes as well, which is unique to GUNNAR.
  • GUNNAR Draw Mode - Introducing for the first time, the industry's most advanced and user-friendly, dynamic "click and draw" system, direct onto the layout screen (with no external software or programs required). Modify or manipulate ANY shape or design straight on the screen, as simple as "click and drag" with the mouse. You can even import a picture or photo in the background, and trace it directly!
  • Customize-Your-Own Interface  - Streamline the new Vista-styled interface to suit your preference, with customization of the quick access toolbar, favorite templates and even a range of skins.
  • Dynamic Corner Templates - GMC's highly configurable templates also allow you to "mix and match" any corner templates together, to create new custom shapes.
  • Dynamic Outside Sizing – No more diagrams and "mud maps"! With GMC's "Dynamic OM" feature, outside mat dimensions are automatically adjusted and calculated as desired, when creating multiple opening mats.
  • Intelligent Snapping - When it comes to multiple openings, GMC features an intelligent & flexible “click & drag” snapping layout system, with automatic snapping alignment, spacing and centering of openings. GMC also features automatic spacing of objects, to a custom preferred value, to make it quick & easy to accurately place openings next to each other.
  • Create your own clip art library - Additional to extensive library of existing clip arts, GMC allows you to create and customize your own clipart library, saving any shape or design as a clipart, with the easy-to-use "instant click" clipart interface.  
  • True 3D Dynamic View - The powerful 3D graphics engine allows your to see true 3D representation of different mat thicknesses, bevels, v-grooves and debossing based on the real scaled dimensions of the mat.
  • Infinite Dynamic Zoom - use the mouse wheel to zoom in an out of your design on the fly.
  • Dual Field Input - Choose between metric and imperial input in any input field, on the fly, without re-install or restarting the software. Click on any template preview guideline to alter the relevant dimension.
  • Streamlined Keyboard Shortcuts - for experienced users, who want "fewer clicks to cut a mat!"
  • Cut to the Edge – GMC allows “edge to edge” cut for touching outside edges of mat layouts, and cut to edge of matboard, even on F1-Hybrid with bar clamping system. Save time and wastage.
  • Spliced Mat System  - Spliced mats are a breeze with GUNNAR's simple template system to allow you to seamlessly join two mats to create a larger mat.
  • Matboard Corner Protectors - GMC features a template to allow you to automatically create your own protective corner templates, out of cardboard and matboard off-cuts!
  • Limitless Layering - Extremely simple creation of multiple layer mats, with unlimited layering. Also, limitless layering of v-grooves & debossing – so now you can put a v-groove or deboss on ANY layer of a multi-layered mat – not just the top layer only.
  • Box Making Templates - GMC features a comprehensive range of fold-up box-making templates, for making multi-purpose packaging and storage boxes out of cardboard and matboard.
  • Transform Tools - GMC features a complete range of popular figure transform tools for grouped object scaling, 360° rotation, mirror imaging, etc.