4001 XL

The GUNNAR 4001 XL production mat cutting table sets new boundaries in CMC performance. Not only is it the fastest and most advanced mat cutting system available on the planet. It is the proven and tested winner when it comes to reliability and efficiency in high end production framing businesses around the globe. The GUNNAR 4001 XL is simply the best computerized mat cutter available.

Model Highlights

  • Large work surface 190 x 125 cm / 74 x 49 inches
  • With a breathtaking movement speed of up to 2000mm/s, the Gunnar 4001 is the worlds fastest CMC
  • Mat fixation by either buttom clamps, vacuum bed or both
  • Twin 45° and 90° cutting head for simultaneous and continuous production cutting
  • Tool-free blade change within seconds
  • Dynamic blade depth adjustment (DBD) for V-grooves or double mats
  • Optimizes waste by cutting right to the edge (edge to edge cutting)
  • Cut up to 3.5mm thick materials with a perfectly square edge
  • Two cutting fields, optionally operatable alternately in COE mode for maximum output
  • Four side all around cutting table operating access
  • Ideal for large scale production, capable for 24 hour constant operation
  • Low maintenance, designed for 24/7 constant production
  • Modular build facilitates simple servicing and maintenance

Download the 4001 XL product brochure here

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