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Technical Industry Division
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Located in Rebstein, close to St. Gallen in Switzerland, GUNNAR was originally founded by Ulf Weissenberger, who began in the picture framing industry as a custom framer in 1978, and his son Andreas Weissenberger, who joined the family framing business in 1986.


Having completed his education as a mechanical engineer, Andreas and his father Ulf began thinking about improving the method of framing and mat cutting, by that time all mostly manual work. With their combined experience, they started their vision for the world’s first computerised mat cutter. The goal was to improve efficiency and accuracy of this otherwise tedious and manual task.


After developing some other useful framing machinery, official development of the first GUNNAR computerised mat cutter was started 1991. Later in 1992, the first prototype was finally built and production of CMC machinery started.


Since then, GUNNAR has now grown into a world-recognised organisation, becoming the most popular name for CMC’s in more countries around the world than any other brand. Based on that success story and a long list of industry milestones, GUNNAR can truly be seen as the pioneer in development of CMC’s.


In 2009, desicion was made to bring GUNNAR's experience in developing computer controlled cutting machines into a new business area: The technical textile industry. With this desicion made, GUNNAR Technical Industry Division started to design a new cutting machine for sheet materials. And now, here we are, market entry with GUNNAR's new TTC119 in 2010.