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Technical Industry Division
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GUNNAR is able to cover the whole cutting process and additional peripheral operations with specific high end hardware and software products.

All GUNNAR TTC119 cutter models can be ordered in various basic configurations, this to meet specific customer requirements and to extend usage possibilities.
- Integrated 1,9m static cutting table extension (onload and/or offload table), single or both sided
- Integrated 1,9m conveyered cutting table extension (onload and/or offload table), single or both sided (conveyer extension)

Additional peripheral hardware options
- Basic roller stand for several rolls of rolled material
- Electrical roller stand for soft/elastic rolled material
- Pater noster material loop handling unit
- Electrical oscillation tool to cut soft/foamy materials with very small radiuses
- Wireless control unit for easy manual cutting head positioning/manual operation
- Laser projection/Beamer projection on offload (extension) table for managed cut part handling/offloading
- Digitialization pen tool for manual reverse engineering, scanning of templates

Additional peripheral software options
- CAD/pattern design software module idPRECAM
- CAM software module with manual nesting solution idCAMSUITE-MANUAL
- CAM software module with automatic nesting solution idCAMSUITE-AUTO
- Layout projection software for cut part identification on offload table idOFFLOAD (used in combination with laser or beamer projection)
- Robotic interface (automatic parts offloading)

Service contracts and service plans
Several service and maintenance packages are available to ensure long machine lifetime. Ask your GUNNAR partner.